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Exciting New Product Announcement from Groundtrax Systems Ltd

Following an extensive development and testing programme we are delighted to announce details of a new product designed to reinforce base courses for track construction, working platforms or any other ground that needs an increased load carrying capacity.

A true innovation in ground reinforcement, specifically designed to improve the bearing capacity of base layers with the integral confinement of a granular material both at the cell bottom and sides, prolonging service life and reducing aggregate usage thereby reducing overall construction costs.

Created from a woven geotextile to create a geocellular structure with an integral base, the confining structure is designed to resist permanent deformation under loading.

Testing has proved that a 200mm base course confined with the new system is 6 times more durable than a base without the system. Particularly useful on sites with poor sub grade but also leads to substantial reduction in excavation and transport costs whilst drastically reducing the total systems carbon footprint.

Light and flexible – delivered folded and deployed on site in large dimensions that allow an easy and quick installation (88m² when deployed)

Contact us now for more details on 03456 800008 or email