Ancillary Products

Fixing Pegs. Steel Pins, Joiners and Markers
Plastic Fixing Pegs

Recycled Plastic Fixing Pegs – Plastic anchor pegs (140mm) have a barbed shaft that offers a strong grip and a mushroom top ideal for fixing grass mesh and geotextiles. Available in Black or Yellow.

Steel Fixing Pins

Steel Fixing U-Pins – Steel fixing U-Pins (170mm x 170mm x 6mm) diameter are used to fix GrassProtecta grass protection mesh and TurfProtecta turf reinforcement mesh securely to the ground. Steel U-pins are fixed by using a club hammer and hold the mesh tight to the existing grass/surface area. Sold in bags of 50.

GRM Plastic Peg and Marker – Specifically designed to secure reinforcement mesh without damage. The 160mm GRM-Peg™ provides a fast, convenient installation method and maximum pull-out resistance. The optional high-visibility Bulls Eye marker simply pushes into the GRM peg and can be used to conveniently mark parking spaces or provide directional information. Peg is available in Green and the marker is available in White.


Marker for CellPave 40 – Simple white marker pushes into the plastic CellPave 40 grid to mark parking bays or lines. Available in White.

Marker for BodPave 85

Marker for BodPave 85 – The BodPave 85 paving grid marker has been manufactured to snap-fit into the BodPave 85 paving grid. The bay marker can be used to produce parking bay lines, L-shapes, T-Shapes and Squares, T Junctions and access road centre lines. The marker can be easily cut to produce a small square which can assist in producing letters, words and arrows. Size: 215mm x 70mm and available in White. Sold in boxes of 128.

Marker for CellPave AP – The CellPave AP marker is a simple to fit, push-in marker ideal for marking parking bays, lines, directional signs and line marks. Available in White.

GroundMatz Joiners

Isokon L Mats and GroundMatz Joiners – A full range of joiners for our Ground Protection Mats. Manufactured from self-colour steel, they are available as a Single Joiner, Single (low profile) Joiner, Double Joiner (ideal for compound areas) and U-Joiner. Additionally, we can also provide a HD Cable Tie (250mm) for more long-term installations.

CellPave HD Marker – A simple, yet effective white marker for use with CellPave HD. Ideal for creating markings for parking bays and boundary lines.

CellPave 50 Marker – This simple square marker for CellPave 50 simply clicks firmly into place. Ideal for creating markings for parking bays and boundary lines.