GeoTrax GC 75/100/150/200 Cellular Confinement System (GeoCell)


GeoTrax™ GC 75/100/150/200
Cellular Confinement System

Geotrax™ GC is an expandable cellular confinement system that can be filled with sand, soil, gravel or other site materials for use in the construction of three dimensional load spreading or containment systems. Constructed from 1.6mm perforated and textured HDPE and available in 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm deep variants.

Typical uses of geocells include tree root protection, erosion control, retaining structures and temporary or permanent track and compound construction when a no-dig system has been specified. Geocells can also be used to reduce the overall construction depth thereby reducing the cost of the infill material. Geotrax™ Geocells work by confining the infill material and ensuring that the downward forces from traffic are spread laterally, thereby greatly reducing the pressure on the sub base by distributing the load over a wider area.


The geocells arrive flat packed on pallets and are expanded on site to form a honeycomb like structure. The supplied steel pins and plastic caps are used to hold the cells open prior to filling. For erosion control and bank stabilisation or other applications on sloping ground, our CellGrip fixings should be used for improved performance (up to 9 times the pull out force versus rebar pins). CellGrip fixings are simply clipped through the existing perforations in the side wall of the cells and fixed down with Terra-Lock pins. Adjacent geocell panels are connected with plastic connectors (29no. connectors are included with each panel).



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