Ground Reinforcement Mesh

GrassProtecta – Grass Reinforcement Mesh

GrassProtecta heavy-duty polyethylene mesh reinforces grassed surfaces prone to wear and smearing e.g. permanent car parking and heavily-used pedestrian areas. The oscillated mesh structure provides greater traction and significantly higher slip resistance when compared with standard mesh alternatives. GrassProtecta mesh is available in three thicknesses: 14.5mm, 13mm and 10mm.

GrassProtecta mesh is simple to install. The sward grows through the mesh apertures  and knits with the filaments to create a strong, discreetly reinforced surface which is capable of withstanding vehicle loads, limiting damage and helping to reduce compaction by reducing direct contact with the soil surface. The grass can be mown, rolled and fertilised as normal during this period and the mesh soon becomes unobtrusive.

GrassProtecta reinforcement mesh can also be installed onto newly-landscaped areas and seeded as required. It is strongly advised that newly-installed areas remain untrafficked until the sward and the grass protection mesh have knitted – normally after a few weeks during the growing season, increasing to a few months out of season.  Immediate use may restrict growth and limit the effectiveness of the grass reinforcement mesh installation.

How many Steel U-Pins do I need?
It is important that GrassProtecta is installed and secured correctly. We do advise that where possible, newly landscaped areas remain untrafficked until the sward and the mesh have knitted. This normally occurs within a few weeks during the ‘growing season’.

Roll Size First Roll Subsequent Rolls
2m x 20m 200 (4 Bags) 150 (3 Bags)
    Width (m) 2 2 2
    Length (m) 20 20 20
    Thickness (mm) 10 13 14.5
    Weight/m² (kg) 0.95 1.6 2
    Weight/linear m (kg) 1.9 3.2 4

Product Applications

The Lite Grade (10mm) grade is suitable for:

  • Occasional usage, overflow car parks
  • Wheelchair (DDa) access routes
  • Golf-buggy paths
  • Heavily-pedestrianised paths

The Medium Grade (13mm) grade is suitable for:

  • Overflow car parks
  • Regular residential lawn parking
  • Occasional maintenance vehicle access
  • Cycle paths

The Heavy Grade (14.5mm) grade is suitable for:

  • Grass access roads
  • Event parking / occasional industrial vehicle parking
  • Caravan sites and other holiday areas
  • Verge stabilisation

Product Features

  • High level of reinforcement – up to 8t per static axle load on firm ground
  • Suitable for permanent applications
  • Can accommodate shallow slopes
  • Fast and cost-effective installation
  • No excavation or soil removal is normally required
  • Higher slip-resistance than standard mesh products

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