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Orange Permeable Filter Separator

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Hi-Vis Geotextiles – Orange Permeable Filter Separator

Terram Hi-Vis is a non-woven orange geotextile used for separating contaminated/uncontaminated soils.

The geotextiles has a dual effect: its vivid colour warns of potential danger at the point of any future excavations and it can also prevent the upward movement of contaminated soil particles.

If the filter/separation functions are required for construction over contaminated land then there is an additional benefit that Terram products can provide – high visibility so that they also warn operators during excavation at a later date.

Terram Hi-Vis is a bright orange geotextile used to mark areas of soil prior to backfilling. Manufactured using orange fibres, it has the same filter/separator benefits of Terram Standard Geotextiles but provides a visible separation of clean and contaminated soils. Future excavations will see the visible barrier of the contaminated soils beneath.

Product Benefits

  • Highly-visible separator
  • Prevents intermixing of adjacent mineral layer
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Supplied in 4.5m and 6m x 100m rolls for rapid coverage
  • Available in a number of strengths to suit site requirements

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Sold ‘by the roll’ and subject to minimum order quantities, Hi-Vis Geotextile is available for immediate delivery across the UK and Ireland.


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