Access Tracks

Solutions for Access Tracks

Suitable for both temporary and permanent applications, ground protection mats from Groundtrax provide the ideal solution to cater for all ground reinforcement requirements.

Our durable ground protection mats feature a lightweight design, enabling them to be both quick and easy to manoeuvre and deployed by just two people. Groundmatz feature fantastic resilience and flexibility in terms of positioning, allowing them to form one solid temporary roadway when laid width-ways, or alternatively as two separated parallel tracks. Manufactured using high density polyethylene, our Groundmatz can withstand weights of up to 40 tonnes; making them the ideal access trackway solution for all requirements.

A variety of connectors are available, including plastic links, HD cable ties, steel joiners and also U joiners for sloping or cambered ground.

Access Tracks

Golf Course & Sports Field Maintenance

Building a new golf course or making alterations to an existing course both require great care and expertise.  The condition of fairways and greens is of course of paramount importance and temporary access tracks must be used to avoid wearing of the grass and compaction of the soil.  With the ability to handle sloping or uneven ground, our Groundmatz ground protection mats are suitable for use in the maintenance of the most challenging golf course, to the flattest of sports fields.

Archaeological Sites

Whether an archaeological dig is taking place on privately owned or public land, there is a responsibility to ensure that work does not have a detrimental effect on the surrounding area.  Our green temporary road panels serve to minimise disruption by blending into the surrounding area, whilst allowing excavation work to be carried out more rapidly.  The prevention of damage to grassland and other sensitive outdoor areas also avoids expensive repair costs, whilst temporary roadways allow for quick, hassle free access.

Civil Engineering

At Groundtrax we understand the importance of project deadlines, as well as essential health and safety requirements that are paramount in the civil engineering industry. Our temporary roadways enable large amounts of vehicles to negotiate sites faster and more safely than ever before. Groundmatz temporary roads enable sites to remain tidier and more efficient, projecting your company in a safe and professional light.

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