Timber Ground Protection Mats


BogMatz – Timber Ground Protection Bog Mats

BogMatz are timber ground protection mats from Groundtrax. They provide solid access over boggy and wet ground conditions, reducing permanent damage to existing surfaces.

We no longer supply this product. This page exists for information purposes only.

BogMatz timber mats are ideally suited for creating main road access into and through construction sites whilst limiting impact on the environment. BogMatz are used to spread heavy imposed loading, minimising hard surface damage, increasing stability and protecting sub-surface utility services. They are extremely strong; available in larger sizes to handle heavy loads.

When our timber bog mats are laid to construct a platform or access pad, plant and vehicles carrying heavy loads can travel on them effortlessly. BogMatz are not only a key requirement in a busy construction site on boggy or marshy land but they let your vehicles get exactly where they need to be.

Produced from either Oak or Tropical Hardwood and depending on the type of project, different wood types provide different choices. Oak is the most common choice, as it is very cost effective and if used correctly can last for years. BogMatz made from durable Tropical Hardwood can last for up to two decades.

Product Features

  • Protects grounds and underground services from damage
  • Provides secure access for Plant, Machinery & Vehicles over soft ground
  • Limits impact on the environment
  • Our Hardwood Timber is environmentally friendly, and from sustainable sources
  • Easy to stack, transport and offload
  • Existing machinery on site can be utilised to manoeuvre the mats therefore reducing on site costs
  • Quick and easy to install, they have lifting eyes provided as standard; simply lift and place the mats into position, no need to fix mats together as due to their heavy weight they simply stay in place once laid
  • Very durable, can last many years
  • Different sizes available to suit different applications
  • Heavy weight load capacities up to 250 tonnes

Product Features

  • Pipeline contracts – Oil, Gas and Utility infrastructure access
  • Wind farms
  • Temporary bridges/crane outrigger mats
  • Marine work/piling/jetties
  • Construction and Civil Engineering Contracts
  • Good solid working platforms and tracks for cranes and other heavy plant
  • Road extensions and widening’s
  • To provide main roads onto sites, limiting impact on the environment
  • Crossings
  • Embankment stabilisation

Although much depends on the underlying soil and the intensity of usage, Groundtrax can suggest some guidelines for selecting the correct thickness of mat:

70mm – Ideal for creating a temporary roadway on pipeline and construction sites. Suitable for light construction equipment, such as excavators and dumpers weighing up to 25 tonnes. 100mm – The most common size, again used to create temporary roads onsite in the energy, pipeline and construction sectors, ideal for trucks and machinery weighing up to 60 tonnes.

150mm – Ideal for middle to heavyweight cranes, machinery and large trucks usually weighing greater than 60 tonnes. This mat is sometimes used as a sub-soil for pontoons or concrete floors or in civil projects.

200mm and 300mm – For heavy cranes, construction equipment and caterpillar machinery with weight in excess of 100 tonnes. Please note that the above is intended as a guideline only as there are no accurate weight load test results. The correct bog mat or crane mat choice remains the responsibility of the end user, who will have all the necessary information to make the correct choice for their application.

Mat Sizes

BogMatz are available in the following sizes:
3m x 1m x70mm, 4m x 1m x 70mm, 5m x 1m x 70mm, 3m x 1m x 100mm, 5m x 1m x 100mm, 5m x 1m x 140mm, 5m x 1m x 200mm

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