MultiTrack 1000 Geotextile

Permeable Filter Separator

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MultiTrack 1000 Geotextile

This product has been discontinued. You may wish to consider GeoTrax TS1000 as a replacement.

MULTITRACK 1000 is one of the most commonly specified general purpose nonwoven geotextiles and is our alternative to Terram T1000.

MULTITRACK 1000 is one of the MULTITRACK thermally bonded nonwoven range of geotextiles, providing excellent separation & filtration properties, making them ideal for use in a variety of construction applications.

Product Applications

  • Separating/Strengthening layer under access roads and areas of hard standing
  • Filter surround for trench drains
  • Separation to stop the intermixing of dissimilar soil layers
  • Filtration – allowing the flow of water whilst preventing the passage of soil
  • Horse arenas – separation of infill materials
  • Filter surround for infiltration tanks